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3D Printing Covid-19 Face Sheilds

Receiving Satellite Imagery

MATLAB: Double Pendulum

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 More coming soon!

 More coming soon!

Cape Cod Makers Covid-19 Faceshields

Early last year during the beginning of the pandemic, I was lucky enough to be able to help out the Cape Cod Makers, based in Harwich, MA. Through their partnership with Cape Cod Healthcare and local Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities, they provided those with the capabilities to create the STL files to print simple parts. They requested no alteration of the design and to be prepared to wait 1.5-2 hrs for them to complete.

Thankfully, I was able to fit two on the same platform instead of printing the part in pieces. Because I've had problems before with warping parts that span the entire bed when using PETG, I made sure the bed was hotter, around 70 C, the cooling fan was set to a lower, 30% max speed. Hopefully, this would slow down the rate at which it could cool and lessen the chance of a bad print. This worked fine, but this part being as thin as it is made it easier to print overall. To increase the print speed, I lowered the infill to 5%, set the layer height to the highest, .3mm, increased the print speed, and lowered the wall thickness to 2 lines, which really speed the print along.

All in all, I made around 20 shields over a week, before the dropoff date. I highly recommend you check out Cape Cod Makers and check out the other cool things they're doing here on the Cape.

Credit: Cape Cod Makers

MATLAB: Double Pendulum Project

For one of my classes, I worked on a term project alongside a partner to create a simple program and gui to go along with it. This was an investigation into both simulating mechanics of materials using mathematics, and good program design.

More info coming soon!

Receiving Satellite Imagery

Inspired by tutorials online, especially the writeup by RTL-SDR, I decided to see if I could replicate the results by making my own antenna to receive both satellite imagry and weather information. 

More info coming soon!


I made many attempts to get a clean & recognizable image, which always depended on my own equipment, weather, and reception. Here's one of my best ones.

Raw image - note the (bad) manual doppler correction indicated by harsh 'slices'

After manual correction in photoshop - can you make out the Great Lakes & Cape Cod?

Left - Crop of my image. Right - Crop of First Image from NOAA-19. Image Credit: NASA, Fred Piering

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